COVID-19 Update: Research Delays

Please be aware that as more and more states implement emergency shutdowns, these may cause severe delays in criminal research. We are already starting to see courthouse closings begin across the U.S. Recently, the chief justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court ordered the state’s court system to mostly shut down, effective March 16th through April […]


COVID-19 Update

Being in business since 1991, XPEDITE® Wholesale Criminal Research has weathered numerous storms both literal and figurative. Today is no different. We are putting planned measures in place to maintain operations in the manner in which you have become accustomed. We will notify you for any cases where circumstances outside of our control will cause […]


The Importance of Quality Reporting and Accurate Data

Business processes are increasingly being driven by innovation. Tasks that used to require manual input or interpretation are now taken care of by artificial intelligence and data automation. In the background screening industry, however, a mistake in a criminal record search can have critical consequences.   The collection of data is often the more straightforward part of the process. […]


Three Ways We Put Individuals at the Center of Customer Service

What’s the critical factor in effectively dealing with our numerous customer requests and undertaking these requests with extraordinary accuracy? It’s our people.  Our investment in customer support professionals is essential to us.  What is it about our people that separate the XPEDITE® customer service approach from others?  1. Profound Knowledge of the Criminal Justice System  Subject […]

Customer Support

Wholesale Screening Is About More Than Just “Results”

At XPEDITE®, we have earned our reputation by serving clients in a timely matter. Our software systems, quality assurance team, and customer support are unmatched in the industry. We are the best choice for wholesale criminal research not just because of our quick turnaround, but because our team is here to support you.  Every day we strive to deliver the best customer service to our clients. […]

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The Common Misconception of Public Record Research

There is a misconception that public records are accessible instantly via one single online database, especially when it comes to criminal records. Many people believe that it is as simple as typing in a person’s information and their records across all U.S. counties will be available. This is a common myth that we will debunk.  The Myth: Courthouses have their all records online and they are easily […]