Business processes are increasingly being driven by innovation. Tasks that used to require manual input or interpretation are now taken care of by artificial intelligence and data automation. In the background screening industry, however, a mistake in a criminal record search can have critical consequences.  

The collection of data is often the more straightforward part of the process. The real value comes in analyzing data to break down the information and simplify it for the Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA). At XPEDITE®, we have implemented systems and processes to ensure the delivery of quality reports to our clients. 

CRAs, along with their customers, need to know that the research they’re getting is reliable and accurate. Our approach to quality reports is listed below: 

1. Data Accuracy 

Accuracy is essential in the background screening industry, as hiring and retention decisions are often made by the end-user based on this information. Defects, gaps, or errors in a report can be costly and damaging as far as the wellbeing, security, and productivity of a work environment. That’s why it’s crucial that reports not only be accurate most of the time but virtually every time. People are fundamental to guarantee this level of accuracy. Our team adds value to the research we deliver to our clients.  

2. Quality Assurance 

Quality assurance is crucial to make sure that the research is done accurately. Our quality assurance team is in-house and works with our network of criminal researchers directly. Results are put into an easy-to-read format that streamlines the process and allows the customer to send the data onto their clients quicker. Ninety percent of reports are completed within 48 hours. They are available through our proprietary Fastrax® system 24 hours a day. 

3. Wide Researcher Network 

Each criminal court record system in the U.S. has its own set of rules and procedures. At XPEDITE®, we have a team of researchers who perform in-court research. These court runners have the necessary knowledge of the ins and outs of their jurisdiction and know how to get accurate data quickly.  

Dozens of steps go into the criminal records research process behind the scenes. CRAs and wholesalers alike need to be able to trust that their criminal record researchers are delivering high-quality, accurate data. Having the human components as part of our process sets XPEDITE® apart from the rest.